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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recommended Song: Sunrise to Sunset by Paul Wright

Song: Song Sunrise to Sunset

Artist: Paul Wright

Album: Sunrise to Sunset

This is a light song with a nice groove! I love the concept of this song, remember the forgiveness that we have received.

Video Links: Hear The Song, see Paul Play Live

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Father in heaven, forgive me for sinning
I know I need a new beginning.

Father in heaven, forgive me for sinning
I know I need a new beginning my world is spinning.

From sunrise to sunset help me not forget
all that you've done for me.

From sunset to sunrise help me keep my eyes
upon Your glory.

Say ah yea (ah yea)
say alright (alright)
every sunset (sunset)
every sunrise (sunrise).

Oh I need ya, oh I need ya right now.
You came down from heaven above to
show me Your way, You way is to love
so help me love love and not judge or hold a grudge sayin...

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